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At Transformation Life Rehab Centre in the heart of Hekpoort at the foot of the Magaliesburg Mountains. We employ passionate and devoted Christian staff who bring a wealth of personal and professional experience and knowledge to our residents.  

Our staff are all committed to helping individuals with substance abuse characteristics from alcohol dependency to drug addiction achieve permanent freedom by focusing on the root of the dependence and assisting in a permanent transformation.

We assist each resident to establish a daily relationship with Jesus Christ through Praise and Worship, Prayer and studying the Bible.

Guidance is given to help each resident to take responsibility and find forgiveness for self and others as a vital part of being able to move forward in victory. 

Restoration and Relapse Prevention

Furthermore, we focus on the restoration of physical and emotional health and quip the individual for relapse prevention. This approach provides the most valuable opportunity for a successfully transformed life.

For Residents at TLC Rehab Centre in Hekpoort,  time is the greatest asset to allow the powerful life-changing ministry of the Holy Spirit on the minds and souls of each individual.

Although residents learn to think and act differently, it takes time to master good habits. It’s not formed overnight.

Repetition is the key, eventually transformed behaviors become more natural and automatic to residents, as they gradually learn to “own” their mistakes, solve them, and not repeat them. 

About Us
  • Sandi Bramwell
    Sandi Bramwell CEO
  • Alan Friedlander
    Alan Friedlander General Manager
  • Joanne Friedlander
    Joanne Friedlander Head Counselor | Ladies Operations
  • Clive Williams
    Clive Williams Men's Operations

Something about our experienced facilitators – Alan and Jo Friedlander

Alan gave his life to the Lord in 2010. Is a devout Christian who has spent many hours studying the Bible and goes out of his way to share his knowledge with others. Although Alan has never personally had a substance abuse problem, he has had more than 30 years of experience with staff, friends and family members who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol.

He has personally financed, supported and been moved to help others in the destructive cycle of addiction to find and enter many different inpatient substance abuse and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and recovery programs. Over the past 5 years, Alan has focused much of his time counselling families to assist them in understanding how to best cope with their loved one’s addiction.

Jo was brought up in a Christian household and gave her life to the Lord in 1998. Her Biblical knowledge is huge and so she has spent much of her time teaching the word to others. Jo has struggled through and fought her own heroin addiction, going in and out of inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation 25 times.

Having tried every method available to finally find recovery, she has first-hand knowledge of what methods are most effective. Her deep desire to be free of the evil of drugs, at last lead her back to her Christian roots, where she found hope and freedom through “The Heart of Addiction” Course, which is a Biblical perspective on addiction.

Since living in victory over her own addiction, she has devoted herself full time to helping other addicts seek transformation through God. Jo is a fully qualified addictions counsellor through ACCSA and has many hours of individual counselling experience, in addition to teaching and facilitating group counselling sessions.

Both Alan and Jo have been involved, full time, in the day to day running of a Faith Based Recovery Centre for more than 3 years. They are well supported by their team of Clive and Chantelle Williams and say of their team “As a team we are united, motivated and committed to seeing people who feel desperately hopeless because they have tried so many times, and failed to live free of substances….finally transform their life and live in victory. This is our only measure of success!”

Some insights from our founder and CEO – Sandi Bramwell

Driven with a desire and a passion to assist recovering substance abuse and alcohol addiction victims Sandi Bramwell wanted to create an effective and meaningful Faith-based Rehabilitation centre in Gauteng.

Having observed and personally experienced how many South African Faith-based Rehabilitation facilities seem to go completely wrong with their methods and message, she began to research American Faith-based Rehabilitation programs. Seeing an incredible success that these programs achieve, if correctly executed, motivated her and her team to start TLC.

Why 6-month programs? 

‘It’s very simple,” says Sandi “short term rehabilitation is a waste of time and money. Most people seeking help to overcome substance abuse and alcohol addiction have been using drugs and/or alcohol for many years.

It takes time to firstly get over the physical effects of the substances, before we can begin working on emotional and spiritual solutions, challenging erroneous beliefs and habits, with the ultimate goal being to see people completely transform their lives.

The principle of the centre is that to stop is one thing, but to stop permanently with Jesus Christ as the centre of their lives is the actual goal.

Why an outpatient program?

Having a desire to see as many people as possible find freedom from substance abuse motivated TLC to include an outpatient program. It is important to note though that although the outpatient program is effective in teaching and counselling people to achieve victory over substances and remain accountable, better results are achieved for those in full-blown active addiction if they enter the inpatient program first.


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