Defeating substance or alcohol abuse will change your life


Well here we are – we have crossed the threshold of another new year and even a fresh new decade. It’s an exciting time, when many will have enjoyed being with family over the festive season, feeling refreshed and alive from a good holiday and just raring to set new goals and aim for higher things.

Not so, in most cases, for those who are suffering a life of some sort of drug abuse or alcohol addiction. Holidays are generally not even a great time for them as they may have had many family arguments or even alienated family. They may have felt a deep loneliness as they see themselves as outcasts – or simply have withdrawn from normal communications with family and friends.

As someone who is dealing with substance abuse or alcohol addiction, maybe there is something deep inside that is urging you to make this dawning of a new decade the perfect time to make a change? We hope so and the good news is that as a Faith based rehabilitation centre we know that nothing is too hard for God to fix – if you are just prepared to ask – and learn to care about yourself.

So maybe this will help. Making real change – or goal setting – involves three important changes. Looking back on the recent past, facing up to the realities of where things may have gone wrong, then finding solutions and finally resolving to make positive change.


This is the first and probably most important phase – and it simply involves deep introspection and asking some really important questions…

What has my life been like? – are you happy with all the bad morning headaches, the desperate need to get the next fix or the next shot? The loneliness felt by knowing that you have a problem – or, even if you’re the ‘life of the party.’ is that still the case when you wake the next day?

Have you felt ashamed about things you may have done? Worse still have you not even remembered things you have done? Have you ever had any kind of accident because you were under the influence, or lost days being on a high? Has your whole recent past actually, just been a bit of a blur?

Are your relationships normal? Have you suffered losing a spouse or even your whole family through not being able to break a substance or alcohol abuse habit? In essence, how satisfying and normal has your life been? Have you failed to achieve many goals you set on so many New Year’s days?

Remedy – solutions

The solution in the case of drug or alcohol abuse is quite simple. Having asked these questions you need to be fully aware and admit that you have an addiction problem – and take steps to solve it.

The good news is that drug abusers and alcohol addicts you are not alone in the kind of spiritual hollowness that many people feel. Those who attend faith based rehabilitation programs achieve so much more than just overcoming their addictions, they find spiritual meaning and communion with a whole new set of people – all set on permanent recovery – of body, mind and soul.

Resolution, recovery and rehabilitation

Transformation Life Centre (TLC) is a faith based substance abuse and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centre situated in Sandton – in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. We have a saying that you can carry into this year to help you make the change “To transform yourself you don’t need to do big things – just do small things in a big way – and transformation will follow you.”

Take the small step of simply connecting with us to talk about your situation and let’s see if we can help you to make that vital transformation to a purposeful life. Be resolved this year to stop continuing with a meaningless, painful existence. There are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about it – defeating substance or alcohol abuse will change your life!

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