Important drug and alcohol rehabilitation questions answered


At the beginning of this new decade we have something in the region of 10 million South Africans facing drug abuse and/or alcohol addiction issues. This is a startling number, but through rehabilitation, or recovery programs, they really can be healed and go on to live normal lives without cravings or too many after effects.

It is our belief, as a Faith based drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, that it is primarily about filling the emptiness that most of these people feel – to satisfy their longing to have purposeful, meaningful lives without drug or alcohol dependence.

Not everyone is convinced that faith based programs are the answer and have many questions around the nature and purpose of these programs in general. As a result of her enlightening answers to some important questions put to the founder and CEO of Transformation Life Centre (TLC), Sandi Bramwell, we compiled this article and hope it is useful to you.

  1. What substances do you believe are the biggest problem in and around the Sandton/Pretoria and Fourways areas where you are based?

Not only these areas, but throughout South Africa, Nyaope, Heroin, Crystal Meth and Crack Cocaine are the most widely used illegal drugs. However, Alcohol, Cannabis/Dagga and prescription medication also pose extremely serious problems. Flakka, also known as “the Zombie drug” has also made an appearance in some areas.

  1. You believe in Faith based rehabilitation – and it seems to offer most a more permanent solution. Why is this so?

Approximately 79.8% of the South African population are said to be Christians, so is not surprisingly many wish to incorporate religious beliefs into addiction treatment.

Christians with substance abuse problems experience a number of strong feelings related to family, work and health. Faith-based treatment centres help with recognising and working through these issues.

Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs underline interpersonal connections, compassion and developing a strong personal relationship with God. Christianity offers a sense of belonging to a community, so that the recovering addict does not feel isolated and alone.

It is essentially about breaking habits and changing focus. Faith-based treatment offers an opportunity to focus on Jesus Christ and renew relationship with God to overcome addiction. It is a chance to re-examine morals and values and broaden one’s capacity to forgive and heal.

  1. You have a successful out-patient program too. How does it work?

It should not be really be seen as a replacement for in-patient recovery, but rather as a follow up program. It is essentially used to keep people accountable, teaching and counselling them to achieve victory over substance abuse and alcohol addiction after treatment.

  1. Why do you believe in a minimum of 6 month programs? 

Frankly, short term rehabilitation is a waste of time and money. Most people seeking help for substance abuse have been using drugs and/or alcohol for many years and it takes time to get over the physical effects of the substances, before we can even begin working on the emotional and spiritual solutions. Challenging erroneous beliefs and breaking habits can see people completely transform their lives.

  1. What makes TLC so successful?

We believe it is the total commitment of our excellent team of counsellors to the total recovery of every individual. It is a program based on love and a genuine desire to see people not only beat their addictions, but transform their lives.

Contact us today to talk about your, or your friend or family member’s addictions and let us advise you on your best solutions and exactly what is entailed. We have helped many people, desperate because they have tried and failed so many times, finally live a life of victory, totally free of substances. This is our real measure of success!

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