Set a goal to be alcohol and drug addiction free in 2021!


As we have gingerly dipped a toe into the water to feel the mood of 2021 we have already been drenched by a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, even facing the added burden of our very own new strain! It is commonly said that Africa is not for sissies and we certainly do face some unique challenges.

Unfortunately, there is a large sector of the population facing a different kind of challenge too, those who have been adversely affected by the holiday season and now either have symptoms of becoming, or are already well addicted to, alcohol or illicit substances.

Holiday challenges 

We alluded to this in a recent article and research in the USA has conclusively proven that many people are adversely affected by the holiday season around Christmas and New Year in various ways.

These include holiday depression from a feeling of loneliness or isolation; conversely holiday stress from a feeling of being ‘crowded by unfamiliar family and friends; this also causes holiday anxiety as does the financial strain of gifts and general overspending. Last, but certainly not least, peer pressure to overindulge in any form of substances that elevates the mood and gets one into the ‘holiday spirit!’

Many people can face these challenges, even take them in their stride and shrug them off at the end of the holiday season. Unfortunately, millions cannot! According to the aforementioned research in the USA (which is a reasonable reflection of Western society as a whole) “A Google search for “grief and the holidays” shows nearly 2.2 million results. Seasonal affective disorder (also known as SAD and seasonal depression) affects 6 per cent of Americans.”

In this country, as we well know, the road death toll and drug and alcohol abuse are substantially elevated in this period, so there must also be significant aftermath of these issues spawned by the holidays.

Tell-tale symptoms that the holidays have taken a toll

As we go into the new year and most people have shrugged off their hangovers and gotten back onto the treadmill, are you still struggling to be positive about your future and set ambitious goals to fulfil your lifelong dreams?

It may be you or you may be noticing this issue with a family member or friend, but a good way to assess whether you may be facing or already experiencing alcohol or drug addiction is to ask a few questions.

  • Are you still feeling the stress, anxiety, depression etc. experienced during the holidays?
  • Have you been able to stop your alcohol or drug consumption and return to a normal life?
  • Are you moody, irritable and sometimes angry or violent towards others – especially if you are not under the influence?
  • Are you struggling to go to work or school or feel any enthusiasm for them or for setting positive goals?

The most important goal to set

These are just a few of the issues you or your loved one may be experiencing after the holidays and they are quite likely indicators that you or they may be addicted to alcohol or a substance of some sort.

There is only one goal you need to set if it is you that is affected by someone else or if you are indeed the sufferer – Set a goal to be alcohol and drug addiction free in 2021!

You can make a determined effort to seek professional help to deal with your anxiety and stress, begin regular exercise and cut out the taking of drugs or alcohol completely at least until you feel you have it in control.

An effective faith-based rehabilitation program.

Failing that, if you know you are addicted you can receive the finest advice and treatment from faith-based rehabilitation at the Transformation Life Centre (TLC) – based in Sandton Johannesburg.

Though highly experienced and genuinely empathetic counselling, a tried and tested results-driven program and the love and caring of a Christian community, we can ensure that your addiction is not only overcome but you or your loved one can lead a permanently drug and alcohol-free life.

Contact us – We are always there for you and available to help and advise you on anything you need to know. May this be a blessed, drug and alcohol-free year for you all.

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