Our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs are based on the American Model of Faith Based rehabilitation facilities, and therefore our syllabus includes highly successful Christian courses such as The Heart of Addiction and Celebrate Recovery. In addition, the curriculum includes Behavioural Transformation, Relapse Prevention, Occupational Therapy, along with Individual, Group and Family Counselling.


Our In-patient Treatment Program focuses on the beliefs and behaviours caused by drug and alcohol dependence which will not change simply by “putting down the substances.”

A complete transformation is required in order to experience ongoing freedom and continued abstinence from drug and alcohol use.

The Word of God says in Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

This “renewing of the mind” takes time and practice over an extended period. Unfortunately, there is no quick solution for a habit that has, in most cases, been formed over years of continuous drug and alcohol use.


Faith Transformation

Our In-patient treatment program emphasises putting your Faith in God and this gives one the freedom, courage and strength to leave the substances abuse behind. Only then can one move forward, by having a daily relationship with God through Jesus Christ, in turn, this helps avoid any further falls from grace.

Change is a slow process, each day as the individual lives in a highly accountable environment where their lies, negatives motivations, and improper actions are constantly challenged by their peers.

Spending time every day with people who have been in the program for a longer period, keeps the new residents accountable for their actions.

As they make mistakes (and they will), they are called out for it, with an attitude of love and sincere concern. Eventually, residents realize that the only way to live is to put away these behaviours and approach life in a completely new way, with the help of Jesus Christ.

Faith in our Creator is the central dynamic upon which, every aspect of our program is built. Behavioural transformation is further encouraged by a supportive peer community in a controlled and structured environment, where new positive habits are formed, mentoring by others who have walked the same path to freedom, and participation in work designed to teach humility, responsibility and pride in a job well done.


Treatment Exit Plan

After some time at TLC, residents are clean from drugs and alcohol, have an honest and sincere relationship with God and their transformation has become clear to themselves and those around them. However, they still need a new path forward and a plan or they could fall right back into their old ways. They need additional time to exercise and practice their new way of living.

The program, therefore, shifts toward their treatment exit plan, introducing new positive elements into their life, like various outreaches and community service, which in turn teach a strong work ethic, confidence, poise and compassion towards others.

Without a totally transformed mindset and a newfound purpose to fill the void, the individual will return to their addiction, again and again, ravaging their relationships, trustworthiness, career, finances and their physical and mental health. Inevitably their addiction will utterly destroy them.

Prior to the individual leaving the facility, the TLC staff ensure the resident is involved in a strong church with a spiritual family that will hold them accountable and provide ongoing motivation, truth, and guidance.

On completion of the program, we offer Reintegration Guidance, Aftercare and Accountability Groups.

R8000.00 per month

Once off admission fee R2500.00


• Individual counselling
• Group counselling
• Occupational therapy
• Application Therapy

• Heart of addiction course
• Celebrate Recovery
• Relapse prevention

• Skills Development
• Reintegration program
• Exit Strategy


Similar to the TLC inpatient program, our outpatient treatment program is designed to keep client’s accountable while not living at the Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The TLC outpatient treatment program offers hour-long program sessions several days a week. Generally, the expectation is that the client will spend no less than 5 hours per week in outpatient sessions. This time is made up of The Heart of Addiction course and Relapse Prevention lectures, Group and Individual Counselling as well as involvement in certain community upliftment and outreach projects.



Exact scheduling details vary according to the client’s requirements. The TLC outpatient program, in most cases, is only recommended as an extension, once the client has already concluded a certain period as an inpatient at TLC and the individual can no longer take leave from work, school, and/or other obligations to attend our full-time inpatient program. ability to recover among other addicts on a less intense basis.


• Individual counselling
• Group counselling
• Occupational therapy
• Application Therapy

• Heart of addiction course
• Celebrate Recovery
• Relapse prevention


Our monthly family support group facilitates a process whereby the loved ones and families are given the opportunity to better understand the truth about their loved one’s behaviour prior to arriving at TLC and how to best encourage and assist their loved one in order to live a transformed life after leaving the TLC substance abuse recovery centre.


You’re only one decision away from a totally transformed life.

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